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Eye Care For Healthy Eyes

It is often said, eyes are the mirrors to a person’s soul and reflect inner beauty. Yet, the condition of the skin around the eyes is also said to reveal a person’s true age. And haven’t you often wondered why the skin around your eyes, e.g., your eyelids, seems to age much faster than the rest of your face?

The skin around your eyes, specially on your eyelids, is the thinnest and one of the most sensitive. Besides, your eyes are exposed the most to dust, pollutants and UV rays, and you often rub them with your hands, which may have all kinds of germs and chemicals on them. Little wonder then that the skin around the eyes is the first to start developing wrinkles and perhaps unsightly pigmentation.

A little care and the right products can help avoid premature darkening and wrinkling.

  • Avoid soap. Soap tends to darken the skin of the eyelids before the rest of the face. So use a face wash, which is much milder.
  • Moisturize your eyelids regularly. As the skin around the eyes is sensitive, many of the regular face creams cannot be used. There are, however, special eye gels and creams available.
  • Use a mild sunscreen for the eyelids. Some of the sunscreens meant for babies or children are pretty effective.
  • Always wear UV blocking sunglasses.
  • To keep the delicate eyearea from getting dry and crepey, apply a light eye gel or cream to this region every night.
  • Look for formulas with firming agents, such as AHAs, vitamin A and vitamin C, to keep the skin taut.
  • Always apply the eye gel or cream with your ring finger; this will keep you from applying too much pressure on the delicate skin around the eyes. Pat it gently all around the eyes.
  • Keep the eye formula in the refrigerator for an anytime-cooling treat.

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