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Hair Colouring Tips & Advice

Hair Colouring one’s hair is becoming more and more popular, what with so many different colours to choose from! Choosing the right product and getting it done properly makes all the difference, especially if you want to avoid problems like dryness and hair fall which are often associated with colouring.

Let us examine the different hair colouring modalities available to help you decide which is appropriate for you.

Basically, there are six different types of hair colouring products available:

  1. Bleaches
  2. Metallic dyes
  3. Vegetable dyes
  4. Temporary colours
  5. Semi-permanent colours
  6. Permanent oxidation colours.

Types of hair color dyes

Permanent Tints :
If a permanent tint is used correctly, you will always achieve a beautiful effect and semi-permanent tints can be used to maintain these permanent treatments, adding condition. The permanent color will penetrate the inner core of the hair strand and will not wash away as with a semi-permanent color that will wash out after a number of shampoos.

Semi-Permanent Colors :
Semi-permanent color give your hair a higher shine and enhance condition, but they won’t lift natural hair color. Also, a semi-permanent tint will not cover large amount of grey hair (more than 50%).

Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors:
Contain only vegetable extracts and natural ingredients, so no color is stripped from your hair. It is similar to henna but it doesn’t coat the hair (adds shine though). This color sits on the hair’s surface and will wash out after about 8 shampoos.

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