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As mentioned before, after hair grows for a period of time (normally two to six years on the scalp), it enters a transitional period of about three months, stops growing and separates from the root (papilla). During the resting phase of the hair growth cycle,the hair develops a club-like tip on the scalp end and is shed naturally. Natural hair loss of thirty to fifty hair per day is normal. Average hair loss per week should be 300 to 500.

People often get worried when they see their hair lossing with this ‘club’. Don’t worry, your hair is not coming out by the roots. Hair that doesn’t have the normal club tip is being broken by over manipulation or damage, or has been pulled out. Hair loss is always the maximum when you wash your hair, because this is when the hair is manipulated the most. Take a weekly average of your hair loss before you decide if your hair loss is excessive.

In medical terminology this type of baldness is called’ androgenetic alopecia’ or male-pattern baldness. This type of baldness is commonly seen in a majority of males, while such baldness does not generally manifest in women and that is why it is called male-pattern baldness.

It is a slow process, though the age at which the process starts and the speed with which it progresses varies in different individuals. Once, however, the process starts, baldness progresses with time. Sometimes, hair loss can be cured through natural methods such as applying castor oil on the hair and scalp.

It has been observed that eunuchs, who do not have the male hormones or if for any reason the individual is deprived of the male hormones, this type of baldness does not develop or progress further. This confirms that this type of baldness is totally dependent on the male hormones, though removal of these hormones cannot be used as a treatment.

Females who have inherited the tendency for baldness may also sometimes manifest this type of baldness if they have more than the normal levels of male hormones or if they are treated with the same hormones for any other disease. Females, however, almost never develop severe forms of baldness as seen in the males.


Hair roots are very sensitive to bodily changes. Thus, anything going wrong within the body can reflect on the hair, leading to hair loss. Many internal diseases and disorders in their initial phases have absolutely no symptoms. Hair loss could be one of the earliest manifestations of such diseases. Remember, hair will begin to loss one to three months after your illness or problem starts.

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