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Facials – Best home made facials

A facial is one of the most common ways of refreshing your skin. A facial is a deep skin treatment with real benefits to counteract the ravages of pollution and damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Facials deep cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin. A lot of skin problems can be prevented […]

Brushes Combs

A hair consists of two components-the hair-shaft which is outside the skin, and the hair-root which is embedded in the skin. The lowermost end of the hair-root is called the hair-bulb. It is the most important component of the hair because the hair-bulb is responsible for the growth of hair. Destruction of this part of […]

Grey Hair

Greying of the hair in old age is natural but premature greying of the hair is a morbid condition. The causative factors ioclude certain diseases like chronic colds, sinusitis, and a constitution given to excessive passion and worry. If you want to get rid of these few white hair, cut them close to the root […]

Hair Colouring Tips & Advice

Hair Colouring one’s hair is becoming more and more popular, what with so many different colours to choose from! Choosing the right product and getting it done properly makes all the difference, especially if you want to avoid problems like dryness and hair fall which are often associated with colouring. Let us examine the different […]

Hair Conditioners

Method of Conditioning After shampooing gently squeeze the excess water. Comb the hair with the fingers or with wide toothed comb from the roots to the ends gently. Remove tangles. Apply little conditioner and rub the conditioner through the hair with the fingers. Never rub on the scalp. Keep it on the hair for 5 […]

Hair Dyes

Chemical hair dyes overcome all the disadvantages of the vegetable dyes, such as they require short exposure time on the hair, provide natural colour, are obtainable in many shades, and are water-proof or shampoo-proof. However, the biggest disldvantage of the chemical dyes is that they may have an adverse effect on some skins. The symptoms […]

Hair and Fashion

Hair says as much about our personal style and psyche as our choice of makeup or the clothes we wear. It is also direct barometer of how good we feel about ourselves, if our hair looks great, we approach the day with attitude, on s bsd hsir dye day we feel utter misery and lack […]

Hair Loss Treatment

As mentioned before, after hair grows for a period of time (normally two to six years on the scalp), it enters a transitional period of about three months, stops growing and separates from the root (papilla). During the resting phase of the hair growth cycle,the hair develops a club-like tip on the scalp end and […]