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Skin Care Tips

Some Skin Care Tips and Advice Always wash your hands clean first. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria to your face. Start with your hairline first, as hairstyling products attract dirt, and then sweep cleanser over face and lips and down the neck to beyond where you apply foundation. After you’ve applied your cleanser, […]

Winter Skin Care Tips & Advice

Doctor, my skin is so-o-o dry, I feel like a snake that is moulting all the time!’ This is a common complaint in winter, when even oily skin can feel dry. In winter, not only is the air cool but it is considerably drier. Besides, dust and pollution and the intensity of the UV rays […]

Dry Skin Care

CARING FOR DRY SKIN As mentioned before, in India, the harsh sun, with its increased intensity of the UV as well as infrared rays, and the alarming levels of pollution dry the skin much more. Even teenagers with acne, who basically have oily skin, often complain of superficially dry skin especially in winter-not only in […]

Combination Skin Care

CARING FOR COMBINATION SKIN Combination skin is actually quite normal: we all tend to be oilier around the so-called T-zone and drier around the perimeter of the face. Just how oily the T-zone can be varies, of course. You probably have combination skin if your skin has : Dryness on the cheeks. Occasional breakouts in […]

Oily Skin Care

CARING FOR OILY SKIN If you’ve got oily skin, you’ve got to walk the delicate tightrope of controlling excess oiliness without stripping your skin of oils completely. But the pros of having oily skin is that it ages more gracefully and doesn’t wrinkle as easily as dry skin. Dos and Don’ts for Oily Skin Do… […]

Sensitive Skin Care

CARING FOR SENSITIVE SKIN How can you tell if you have sensitive skin or not? A rule of thumb is if your skin reacts to almost anything, you have sensitive skin. That is, if you’re wearing no make-up, no moisturizer and no sunscreen, and your skin still reacts, then it’s sensitive. But before doing anything, […]

Skin Toning – How to tone skin

These days skin toning have definitely gone out of fashion. Modern opinion is that faces do not need toning as skin tone comes from within, and cannot be applied from a bottle. However, the superficial tightening effect of these products, which are generally astringent, is a good preperation for foundation, as it makes any open […]

Healthy Skin – Diet for your skin

When all is said and done, makeup and topical skincare applications only add a superficial varnish to the full picture. Remember that inner health makes for outer beauty, and if you want the outside to look its best you have to nourish the inside. So next time you feel pangs of hunger, it is worth […]