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Top Tips to Buying Coloured Contact Lenses Online

Wearing contacts has become part of the visually-impaired world. Well over 50 million people in North America alone are now wearing contacts on a daily basis. The new fashion, however, has nothing to do with having bad eyesight. More and more consumers are now wearing coloured contact lenses to change the colour and appearance of their eyes. However, choosing the correct coloured contacts can be confusing, so here are a few tips in order to make the selection process easier:

1) Keep in mind of the natural colour of your eyes:

The natural colour of your eyes will affect how the coloured contacts. For example, if you have blue eyes, wearing blue contact lenses will make your eyes appear a brighter and bluer in colour. However, if you have brown eyes and purchase blue contact lenses, it may make your eyes appear blue with brown lenses in them.

2) Choose the brand of contacts according to your comfort level:

When you wear coloured contacts, you are often wearing them for long periods of time. If you choose a brand that dries out quickly or is uncomfortable to you, then wearing these contacts can become unbearable.

3) Decide whether or not you would like to wear them every day:

Sometimes when you choose a coloured contact lens, the colour may be too intense to wear on a daily basis. For example, white contact lenses are a popular sell around Halloween. However, this may not be a colour that you would like to wear every day.

4) Learn how to tell if your lenses are inside out:

This will make putting the contacts in a much easier and less painful process. Some contacts even come with markers on the inside so a consumer can tell easily if their contact is inside out.

5) Before purchasing, search the web for rebates or discount websites:

The internet can become a wonderful tool in your contact lenses search. There are many websites online that sell cheap coloured contact lenses. Some websites will even price match if you find the same brand and style online for a lower price.

6) Make sure you order the correct prescription strength:

If you are wearing contacts that aren’t the correct strength, it may cause headaches and nausea if they are too strong. Or, if they are too weak, cause difficulty seeing.

7) Find out from a doctor if you are suitable for coloured contacts:

Coloured contacts do not come in all forms of contact types. If your eyes require a certain brand or type of contacts, you may be out of luck.

8) Order the smallest quantity possible to try the contacts, at first:

If you do not like the colour of the contact lenses, then you will know quickly and will not have purchased a year’s worth of coloured contacts that you do not like. If you like the new colour on your eyes once you receive the contacts, then you should order the correct amount needed.

9) Lastly, and most importantly, make sure to keep appointments with your eye doctor:

Your prescription may change over time and by attending your yearly eye exams you will make sure that you are getting the most out of your coloured contact lenses experience. Coloured contacts aren’t for everyone, but they are a fun way to change up a look and add a really pop of colour to your eyes.

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